Winter Schedule 2016/17

Main Street Bakehouse

We'll be hosting pop up yoga classes at the Main Street Bakehouse in Stouffville! Join us for a sunrise practice at 8:30am and enjoy a delicious coffee and your choice of baked glory with some amazing community and conversation for only $20.00! There is very limited space so be sure to reserve your spot through the website as soon as possible!

Classes run on the following dates at 8:30am:

Sunday December 11th and 18th
Sunday January 8th and 22nd
Sunday March 5th and 12th


Goodwood Ranch

Ellen will be teaching a Hatha Flow class every Tuesday night @ 7:30pm starting December 6th. The location in Goodwood is on a beautiful Farm just ten minutes from Stouffville. Students can register through the MINDBODY app. For directions please inquire through our contact page.

Classes run every Tuesday starting December 13th at 7:30pm


Markham's Lotus be Holistic

Ellen can also be found teaching frequently at Markham's Lotus be Holistic. To find her on their schedule please visit:



Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is perfect for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Hatha is a practice of yoga focusing on breath and the alignment of the spine. Poses will strengthen and stretch the body and also help to quiet the mind. Students are encouraged to take modifications in class to deepen challenge themselves or find comfort and ease when needed.

Flow Yoga

Students move in and out of poses with their breath like a dance. Poses will improve strength, flexibility and balance. Flow yoga is more energized and provides students with a stronger workout. Students can expect to be challenged and it is recommended they attend some Hatha classes prior to attending a Flow class.

Restorative Yoga

Our lives are busy, and we have the tendency to push ourselves to do more. Even in our yoga practice, we sometimes try to be more active, and don't give ourselves the time to be still. Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to allow your body to heal. It's about giving in and letting your body be as you stop in one posture for longer than you normally would, focusing on your body and breath. Restorative classes will leave you feeling totally zenned out.

Live Music Yoga

Live music classes are something to get excited about. Students will have the unique experience of hearing local artists accompany their practice. Yoga and art are very much about tapping into the present moment. Students who attend these classes find the music helps them to feel less self conscious and really creates a synchronized practice between all persons in the space. Yoga pushes us to look inside ourselves and art helps us to express what we find. Students who have attended live music yoga classes leave feeling inspired, passionate, and part of a community.

Reap What You Sow Yoga

Reap What You Sow classes are based on the idea of ‘planting a seed of peace’. When you attend a Reap What You Sow Class, you can lie in you savasna knowing all profits from this class go to a local charity which means your dollars are planting a seed of peace in your very own community. These seeds of generosity we sow will someday grow and we can reap a more peaceful world.

Family Yoga

We are often under the impression that children are naturally good at blocking out stress and are not affected by our fast paced lifestyle, but this is far from the truth. Kids experience stress in school, competitive sports, being rushed from one activity to the next and it can take a toll. Enrolling your family in family yoga can be an invaluable way to teach your kids (and yourself!) about how to cope with stress as well as live a more whole lifestyle. Not only will family yoga teach you and your kids the skills to cope with stress, but you will have a great bonding time and have lots of fun! Recommended for families with kids aged 4/5 and up.

Coming Soon

Pre-registered classes starting in January!!

  • Intro to Yoga – for absolute beginners or those returning to their practice with Ellen Reesor
  • 8 week Deep Stretch Restorative Series with Marg Drudge
  • 6 week Flow yoga series with Emma Drudge



$17.40 +TAX


13% OFF 


$21.75 +TAX


$73.95 +TAX


$139.20 +TAX


$195.75 +TAX


$243.60 +TAX

One Month Membership

$120.00 +TAX
(Unlimited yoga for one month no commitments)

Monthly Membership (Auto Renew)

$99.00 +TAX per Month
(Must commit for a minimum of 3 months)

One on One Private Session

$80.00 Per Hour

Semi Private (2-3 people)

$65.00 Each, Per Hour

Group Private (4-12+ people)

$120.00 Per Hour OR
$10.00 Per Person If 12 or More People