Studio ETiquette

What is Yoga Etiquette?

Please read and respect The Kind Studio etiquette.


You will have a much better experience in nature and provide others with a good one as well if you keep your voices down.
(You may even get to see some surprise visitors as well!)

Please take only memories and leave only footprints.
Experience the grandeur of the natural world and leave it as you found it for others to enjoy.

Please respect the boundaries of The Kind Yoga by Heart property.
(If you're unsure of the boundaries, please check with the instructor)

Be punctual. You'll get more out of a class if you leave yourself 10-15 minutes to stop and smell the flowers.

Observe personal hygiene. But save perfumes and colognes for a post yoga shower.

Be here in the present. Please tuck your phone away and allow yourself to be awed by the vast beauty around you.

Our Philosophy