KIND 2.0

COMING 2019!


Who knew?

Who knew that a little greenhouse on a farm would be the catalyst for a beautiful community, and become a second home for many of us? From the countless walks up and down the dirt path, to the planting of our bee + butterfly & pick-your-own flower garden, to the many blissful live music yoga classes, to our 3rd birthday bash - it’s been glorious growing this family. All this love KIND of makes us wonder what could possibly come next…

We're excited to announce that KIND is expanding its roots!


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New Studio Coming 2019!


Ground Yourself

Be nourished by nature. Breathe fresh outside air, witness the ever-changing landscape, and find insight in the loud silence of nature.


Grow Your Practice

Experience the synergistic effect of practicing yoga and mindfulness-based movement in nature. The combined impact of these is greater than the power of each individually, sparking a transformational shift in the mind, body, and spirit.


Connect & Branch Out

Get grounded in nature and empowered by mindfulness, let your practice take root and flourish throughout your life, connecting you more deeply to friends and loved ones, and allowing you to bring your best self to the world each day.