Our Team

Ellen Reesor

Founder and Owner

Ellen is a farm girl from Stouffville, a musician, an actress, a lover of all things artistic, and a yoga teacher.

Her first yoga class was 13 years ago, and though it was tough, she quickly fell in love with the way yoga made her feel. Ellen found herself attending yoga classes more and more determined to improve her practice and learn new things. Eventually it just made sense for her to broaden her practice by completing a teacher-training, so she attended a 200-hour YTT in Hatha yoga. After her first training, Ellen took a couple of years to dive into teaching and find her voice. She then went on to complete a 500 hour Moksha Yoga teacher training as well as a 100 hour Moksha Yoga Flow training. Ellen is currently enrolled in a 10 month Embodied Arts Teacher Training and Mentorship Program through Spirit Loft Movement and Yoga Centre downtown. Ellen considers herself an eternal student and is constantly attending workshops and trainings to learn more.

Over the years, yoga has deeply enriched her life mentally, physically and spiritually, and she continues to find fulfillment in helping others to find the same joy that yoga has brought her.

Kathryn McGean


It's been 16 years since I took my first yoga class on a whim in university to try and find a way to deal with stress. Somewhere along the way yoga became more than just a series of poses, but a way to face the everyday mental and physical demands of life. While on maternity leave from a demanding publishing career I used my time to get my CYT-200 teacher training in Thiramoolar's Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga, a style that encourages asanas for all body types and abilities.

When not teaching I like catching up on tv shows, knitting, swimming, taking trips to the zoo with my family and cooking or baking up a storm.

Emma Drudge


Emma Drudge is a gardener, magazine editor, wilderness guide, whitewater paddler and outdoor adventurer.

She firmly believes in the positive benefits of spending time outdoors, and loves pairing nature and yoga at KIND Yoga by Heart. Emma teaches flowing classes with a focus on connecting movement and breath. 

She's been practicing yoga for 10 years and completed a dynamic yoga teacher training in the Hatha Vinyasa style at the Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Marg Drudge


Marg Drudge grew up in Stouffville, and has been living in the Markham-Stouffville area ever since. She has been teaching yoga since 2012, and loves how practicing yoga makes your body, heart, and soul feel great. Marg has been a dental hygienist for 30 years and in her spare time enjoys hiking, cycling, and exploring the countryside and the world. In 2009, she hiked the Camino Santiago in Spain. Marg has 2 incredible daughters, one of whom also teaches yoga. Marg considers it a blessing to be able to teach at KIND, in such a beautiful, peaceful setting.

sarah comper

Sarah Comper


Sarah loves sharing her passion for yoga and guiding students through their practice with a "feel good" approach for all levels. Sarah truly believes in listening and honouring your body -to ensure many more years of amazing yoga! Her practices incorporate creative sequencing that flow to  open your body, mind and soul.

Tina Addorisio


Tina is an inspirational teacher of yoga practices, retreats and guided meditations. Her practices are uniquely designed to increase pranic flow and elevate the body’s frequency, to ground, yet invoke the “yoga high”. The energy behind her passion shines out in her teaching, as she teaches from the heart. 

Join her on the mat for a beautiful journey of self care.


Dione Clarke-Adams


Dione Adams has always been an active person through school and into her university years with most of her time spent playing basketball, running track and in the gym. In 2007 her best friend and gym partner was diagnosed with cancer and their gym dates soon came to an end as her friend had to find a more gentler form of exercise. It was at this time that Dione accompanied her friend to their first yoga class and became hooked. As the prospect of losing her friend became inevitable, yoga became Dione's means of support. Delving into her practice offered benefits not only to her body but also to her mind and soul. After witnessing how her yoga practice helped her through some of her most difficult times, Dione decided she wanted to share her passion with others in hopes of helping them as well. Dione considers herself an eternal student and has combined her love of learning with her love for travel, acquiring her trainings from places such as Toronto, Montreal and Nicaragua. Dione is certified in Moksha Yoga, Moksha Flow, Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for youth and has trained in Vipassana meditation.
Besides her love for all things yoga and mindfulness, Dione is a proud mother of three and holds a Psychology B.A. and Justice Studies Diploma. It has always been Dione’s desire to help and empower others and this journey has allowed her to fulfill her desire while doing what she loves.


Sierra Biase


Sierra is a holistic nutrition student, artist, mala designer, nature lover, and yoga teacher...

She found yoga in an Ashtanga class taught by a friend in Toronto Beaches. Astonished by the calming effect that the synchronistic practice of breath and movement had on her, she immediately signed up for her first teacher training. 500 hours of training later, she continues to teach and practice in a way that cultivates peace through balancing mind, body, and spirit.

She believes that yoga is a powerful healing practice that lives on and off your mat. Her classes are suited for all levels as she is drawn to teaching a therapeutic practice of Hatha and Yin, but make no mistake she will put you to work! Her goal is to create a safe space that allows her students to self explore by going deeper in all aspects of their practice. She truly believes yoga is a personal practice, and teachers are here to guide you by showing up as a mirror for your own self-reflection.

The impact of her teachers, along with her personal practice, has proven to her that yoga is not a hobby but a lifestyle. While building strength and flexibility in your body, clarity and ease in your mind, peace and joy in your heart, you become a leader by example for those in your life, teaching them that happiness is a journey not without a few hiccups and giggles along the way. 

Words to live by

“Be happy for those who are happier than you. Be compassionate towards those going through hard times. Praise people doing praise worthy work. And don’t be bother by the mistakes of others.”
– The Yoga Sutras

Katherine De Ocampo


Kat started practicing yoga in 2009 but began a more regular practice as part of her recovery from a sport-related injury. Seeing first-hand how yoga complements the training regime of athletes (whether or not they have had injuries) is what inspired Kat to take her yoga teacher training. In 2015 she completed her 200hr yoga teacher certification through Pranalife Yoga - which provide immersion into the practice of yoga and the art of teaching it.

Kat focuses on structuring her classes to promote long-term functional mobility as well as reaping all the physical and mental benefits that yoga has to offer. Kat also trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is an amateur rock climber.

Her yoga practice and teaching method is unique due to a well-rounded perspective of the possibilities and limits of ones body through movements in various activities. When not teaching yoga Kat loves to travel through humanitarian work. She has visited places such as Guatemala, Hawaii, Bali and Chile on behalf of Habitat for Humanity to help build homes in the communities that need it most.


Marlee Liss


Marlee is a social work student, yoga teacher and an aspiring writer with a background in dance. Initially she was drawn to yoga for its physical health benefits, but as she dove deeper into the practice she fell in love with the spiritual and mental health benefits behind each movement.

After spending a summer on Yasodhara Ashram which celebrates the Divine Feminine, Marlee completed her 300 Hour Teacher Training. She utilized the practice to navigate her own mental health and healing and realized how effective yoga can be in strengthening one’s self-love muscle. She is eager to share her love for the practice and the beautiful discoveries she’s found along her yoga journey!




Hannah graduated from the Moksha/Modo 500hr Teacher training program in Kelowna, BC. She is eager and passionate about guiding others through their yogic journey and fitness goals!

While healthy living and yoga hold a special place in her heart, Hannah also experiences a great deal of healing through music, which is why you'll often find her singing/playing you to sleep during savasana at the end of class! She is so stoked to be apart of the beautiful community at KIND!