Live Music Yoga

Live music classes are something to get excited about. Students will have the unique experience of hearing local artists accompany their practice. Yoga and art are very much about tapping into the present moment. Students who attend these classes find the music helps them to feel less self conscious and really creates a synchronized practice between all persons in the space. Yoga pushes us to look inside ourselves and art helps us to express what we find. Students who have attended live music yoga classes leave feeling inspired, passionate, and part of a community. View Schedule

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is perfect for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Hatha is a practice of yoga focusing on breath and the alignment of the spine. Poses will strengthen and stretch the body and also help to quiet the mind. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and take modifications when needed. View Schedule


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Students will move in and out of poses with their breath like a dance. Poses will improve strength, flexibility and balance. Flow yoga is more energized and provides students with a stronger workout. It is recommended that students attend some Hatha classes prior to attending a Vinyasa style class. View Schedule

Donation Class

Donation classes are based on the idea of ‘planting a seed of peace’. When you attend a class, you can lie in your savasana knowing all profits from this class go to a local charity which means your dollars are planting a seed of peace in your very own community. These seeds of generosity we sow will someday grow and we can reap a more peaceful world. View Schedule

Family Yoga

We are often under the impression that children are naturally good at blocking out stress and are not affected by our fast paced lifestyle, but this is far from the truth. Kids experience stress in school, competitive sports, or when being rushed from one activity to the next and it can take a toll. Enrolling your family in family yoga can be an invaluable way to teach your kids (and yourself!) about how to cope with stress as well as live a more whole lifestyle. Not only will family yoga teach you and your kids the skills to cope with stress, but you will have a great bonding time and have lots of fun! Recommended for families with kids aged 4/5 - 9/10. View Schedule

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is suitable for all levels of yogis and each pose is made accessible to individuals depending on their specific needs. Students can expect to find very few Downward Dogs and Chatarungas (if any), but this does not mean that classes are "easy". Between poses being held for longer lengths of time, and the push to slow down the body and mind, students leave these classes feeling relaxed, yet still energized and challenged. View Schedule


Feminist Yoga

Feminist Yoga is about creating a safe place for women of all ages and different walks of life to discuss some of the issues that we face on a day to day basis at home and abroad. Join us for an inspiring yoga class followed by some constructive discussion. A portion of proceeds will go to a local women's charity.

(Open to anyone who identifies as female)


Yoga in the Park

Located at Mews Park – 96 Cornell Park Ave, Markham, ON L6B 1B6


You're Not Alone

We hold anonymous weekly meetings, open to everyone. A human being who is hurting needs help, no matter the source of their pain. Our meetings are a safe place where the weight of addiction depression, chronic pain, bereavement, and toxic relationships can be eased by sharing all which encumbers us.

In this group we'll come together for an hour of meditation and beginners yoga followed by an hour of group discussion and sharing based on the 12 step path to recovery. This group will be completely anonymous and tucked away in our little green house in nature.

Look forward to guest teachers and special workshops on occasion!

Suggested minimum $5.00 donation or pay what you can afford.